CPD23 2012 Thing 13 – Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

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I’ve had a long break from CPD23 for various reasons including annual leave and too much sunshine to want to be indoors blogging! Time to start catching up with an update on thing 13 which I half heartedly looked at in 2011 (see previous post).

Google Drive

I use some bits of Google, I have a Gmail account and two Google Reader accounts but I’ve still not found a use for the documents function of Google.  At work we have a document management system which enables me to share documents with colleagues, use of this is compulsory so I have no use for Google Docs there.

However I’ve recently become secretary of the Scottish Law Librarians Group (SLLG) and I’m wondering if perhaps I should investigate using Google Docs for SLLG documents. At the moment any documents I create are saved into my personal folders on work’s DMS, this means to work on them at home I need to log in to work remotely through Citrix which I hate doing as I inevitably start reading work emails ….  The other obvious benefit of Google Docs is ease of sharing with the others on the SLLG committee and giving access to documents to whoever follows on from me as secretary.  I have minutes to write later today so will investigate further then.


As I can’t access DropBox at work and neither can many of my fellow SLLG committee members I won’t be able to use it for committee work. I’m content to know the technology exists and I can use it if my circumstances change.


The SLLG committee has been using the basic version of PBWorks wiki for some time. We use it to store documents and to enable us to all post our opinions on certain topics in one place when we can’t meet in person.  It’s an easy to use platform which works very successfully for us.


CPD23 2011 Thing13 – Google Docs, Wikis and DropBox

This is about the point that CPD23 started to go wrong for me last year due to lack of broadband at home for 4 months!

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Oh dear another Thing that I am having trouble completing due to moving house!

Google Docs – I have played around with this a little. However I don’t need to use it at work as the document management system takes care of sharing documents internally. Personally I am not involved in any committees etc that require me to share documents. Although as I don’t have either Word or Excel on my laptop I wonder if Google Docs is something I might use instead just for me rather than sharing. I intend to have a more serious trial once I get home broadband again and retrieve my laptop from storage!

DropBox – I can’t even try this one out as it’s banned at work for security reasons!

Wikis – I have used other people’s wikis, for example Dumpling in a Hanky’s chartership wiki, however I have never needed to create my own wiki so I have never bothered. Another thing on my to list as I can see uses for a wiki at work, perhaps for sharing good practice in the team.

One day I will actually do the things on my to do list that I have added because of CPD23 ….