CPD23 2012 Thing 5 – Reflective Practice revisited

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Part of the aim of starting this blog was to aid me in reflective practice, as you will see if you read back I haven’t been very successful so far!

However I attended some useful time management training last week and the next post will look at some of the lessons I learnt from this


CPD23 2011 Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

My thoughts on reflective practice from CPD23 last year –

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It’s nearly 10 years since I chartered and despite registering and making several aborted attempts I haven’t revalidated it since so I assumed that I would be out of the habit of reflective practice.

However after some reflection (see what I did there (bet I am not the only one)) I have realised the it is in my character to look back at what I have done. This may not be formal reflection but I am on the way. And with anything major that we do in the workplace reflection is built into the process. A good example of this is the legal research training we give all new trainee lawyers when they join the firm; after the training we make time to go through all the evaluation sheets so that we can address any negative comments the next time we run the workshop.

I really like the “what – so what – now what” model of reflective practice and will aim to include it in my daily work.

So how can I apply that model to CPD23 so far? Well I have made a stab at completing all the Things so far, that’s my what. So what – I have discovered my personal brand isn’t very strong and I need to build reflective practice in to my routines. Now what – I am still working on the personal brand issue and this blog post is an effort at reflection.

Now I have come across that old barrier to all CPD – time. I am on my own in the office this week so short of time here and I am packing to move house so short of free time in the evening as well! I suspect the now what bit of the model may have to be delayed a little!