CPD23 2011 Thing13 – Google Docs, Wikis and DropBox

This is about the point that CPD23 started to go wrong for me last year due to lack of broadband at home for 4 months!

cpd23 logo

Oh dear another Thing that I am having trouble completing due to moving house!

Google Docs – I have played around with this a little. However I don’t need to use it at work as the document management system takes care of sharing documents internally. Personally I am not involved in any committees etc that require me to share documents. Although as I don’t have either Word or Excel on my laptop I wonder if Google Docs is something I might use instead just for me rather than sharing. I intend to have a more serious trial once I get home broadband again and retrieve my laptop from storage!

DropBox – I can’t even try this one out as it’s banned at work for security reasons!

Wikis – I have used other people’s wikis, for example Dumpling in a Hanky’s chartership wiki, however I have never needed to create my own wiki so I have never bothered. Another thing on my to list as I can see uses for a wiki at work, perhaps for sharing good practice in the team.

One day I will actually do the things on my to do list that I have added because of CPD23 ….