CPD23 2012 thing 8 – Google calendar

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Last year I was very dismissive of Google calendar and my position hasn’t changed, I just don’t need Google calendar.


CPD23 2011 Thing 8 – Google Calender

Here’s what I had to say in 2011 –

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A quick read through the post about Google calendar has convinced that this is not something I need to use at the moment.

It may be old-fashioned, but in my personal life I prefer to write appointments on the calendar hanging on my kitchen wall where I can see the whole month at a glance. It’s also a lot quicker to check when Mum phones demanding to know when I will visit than having to log into something to see when I am free. Also it has pretty pictures on it! And when I am out and about I have a diary in my handbag. Again I find that quicker and easier to check, and it also has pictures (this year’s is a “60 years of the the Archers” diary).

At work I use the calendar and tasks in Outlook. This is standard, it is synched to the room booking system and everyone else uses it so I have no choice in which tool I use.

No one else needs access to my calendar, I am not currently involved in any committees etc at the moment, or doing anything else where I need to share dates in this way. So for me Google Calendar would be just one more tool to keep up to date and I can’t see any benefit from it just now. Also I am about to be offline for 2 to 3 months while I move house which would render it even more useless. My paper diary never goes offline.