CPD23 2012 Thing 9 – Evernote

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After an IT upgrade at work meant I was able to download Evernote to my PC I did so.  I’ve clipped quite a few things but have been rubbish at doing anything else with them, including reading the articles I’ve clipped!

Logging into the Evernote web interface I see I need to do a few more things to use it effectively –

  1. I need to create folders and get organised
  2. I need to tag items when I clip them
  3. I need to get Evernote on my phone so I can clip the useful things I come across via Twitter on the bus in the morning.
  4. I need to get Evernote on my laptop at home too so I can clip things for reading later if I don’t want to read work related things at the weekend.
  5. I need to start annotating the things I clip with my own notes.

Evernote potentially looks very useful once I start to exploit its full potential.