#30DaysWild Days 22 and 23 – Wildlife in the Garden

Day 22

It’s two weeks since I put a bug house in my garden so I thought I’d have a look and see if any insects had taken up residence, well as it’s covered in spider web at least one insect has shown interest!

Day 23

This morning while I was eating breakfast “our” squirrel paid a visit. Normally he just scalpers along the fence but today he obligingly sat on a fence post sheltering from the gusty wind.

I’ve also seen hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes in the garden, if only one would pose as nicely for a photo as the squirrel before 30 Days Wild is over for 2017.


#30DaysWild Day 21 – Stormy

OK I didn’t actually go out in the thunder storm but I did stand upstairs and watch the rain. At one point the gutters overflowed giving the impression of being behind a waterfall.

I have also ordered another bug hotel, the front garden needs one too!

#30DaysWild Days 19 and 20 – Back to Work

Day 19 – Back to Work

First day back to work and trapped inside for hours on a beautiful sunny day. However I made sure I got plenty of outside time as well, Fitbit says I walked 12500 steps.

Day 20 – Hedgehogs

I’ve just finished watching a show on TV about hedgehogs. I know we have hedgehogs here, I’ve seen one in the garden as as Mr Lmrlib but thanks to the show I have some plans to make the garden more hedgehog friendly, with another hedgehog hole in the fence, dry cat or dog food and some water in hot weather, jobs for next weekend.

#30DaysWild Day 17 – lunch in the garden

On Saturday we headed home from Cambridge to Edinburgh, a hot day for a long train journey.

Thankfully we had planned to break our journey in Welwyn Garden City to have lunch with friends.  As the weather was so lovely we had our drinks (elderflower cordial made from foraged elderflower) under an apple tree in the garden. Lunch was served in a shady spot in the garden. Lovely

#30DaysWild Day 16 – Grantchester

After two lovely days exploring Cambridge we decided that we needed to escape the crowds and explore the wider area. On the advice of a local we decided to walk along the River Cam to Grantchester (thanks Celine, it was lovely).

We had spent the morning at the Polar Museum so our walk started at The Fen Causeway and then down to Sheep’s Green and Lammas Land where we joined the path along the Cam. First through woods, them some houses and onto Grantchester Meadows

Despite families picknicking and students cycling past we did spot some wildlife

On reaching Grantchester we headed for the Orchard Tea Garden for tea and cake under the trees, delicious.


Mr Lmrlib had spotted something intriguing on the Ordnance Survey map, a travelling telescope, so of course we had to continue our walk to find out what it is. I’m not really any the wiser except it’s something to do with the university and involves big dishes!


I did enjoy walking through the fields though, lots of wildflowers and butterflies

On our return journey it was good to see others out enjoying the river

#30DaysWild Day 13 – Clover and Nettles

Our last day visiting Mr Lmrlib’s mum and yes of course we took her out in the wheelchair again, lunch in the cricket pavilion and a visit to the church.

While we were at the church I spent some time in a quiet corner watching a bee fly from clover flower to clover flower. This is partly what persuaded me to not mow the lawn when I got home.

Back in Mr Lmrlib’s mum’s garden I managed to cover myself in nettle stings hanging out the washing. This led to some impromptu gardening