#30DaysWild Day 25 – In the Park in the Rain

We’ve been busy about the house and garden all weekend and late this afternoon felt the need to get out for a few minutes, luckily we live near a park that’s also a local nature reserve.

We’d only been walking for 5 minures when a really heavy rain shower came on so we took shelter under a tree for a while 

It’s all looking very lush and green on the paths connecting the various sections of the park

Love the sound of the burn (and the sun came out)

Although Mr Lmrlib had seen a kestrel over the park earlier today all we saw on this walk was a squirrel and a warbler on a telephone wire.


#30DaysWild Days 22 and 23 – Wildlife in the Garden

Day 22

It’s two weeks since I put a bug house in my garden so I thought I’d have a look and see if any insects had taken up residence, well as it’s covered in spider web at least one insect has shown interest!

Day 23

This morning while I was eating breakfast “our” squirrel paid a visit. Normally he just scalpers along the fence but today he obligingly sat on a fence post sheltering from the gusty wind.

I’ve also seen hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes in the garden, if only one would pose as nicely for a photo as the squirrel before 30 Days Wild is over for 2017.

#30DaysWild Day 13 – Clover and Nettles

Our last day visiting Mr Lmrlib’s mum and yes of course we took her out in the wheelchair again, lunch in the cricket pavilion and a visit to the church.

While we were at the church I spent some time in a quiet corner watching a bee fly from clover flower to clover flower. This is partly what persuaded me to not mow the lawn when I got home.

Back in Mr Lmrlib’s mum’s garden I managed to cover myself in nettle stings hanging out the washing. This led to some impromptu gardening

#30DaysWild Day 18 – Not Mowing the Lawn

I will catch up with the missing days when I  get a chance to retrieve my photos from my camera, being away from home all week has meant no access to the laptop.

Today has mainly been spent in the garden,  it’s amazing how much things have grown while I was away. Of course this includes the grass and the daisies, buttercups and clover in it. I really liked seeing the cheerful buttercups in the sunshine this morning so decided not to mow all the grass. I did mow the patch of grass I share with a neighbour and the back lawn so I can get to the washing line but I left the other lawn except for tidying the edges. 

It’s still really quite short so I’ll be intrigued to see how it develops, there is a lot of moss in there too so I wonder how that will affect what happens next. Also hoping the clover will flower for the bees.  

#30DaysWild Day 11 – In The Woods

First of all the missing day 10 – well it included 1 bus, 3 trains and 2 taxis! And you’ve guessed, a day with that much travelling has no time for wildlife.

Day 11 has been spent visiting Mr Lmrlib’s mum and taking her out for lunch and look what we spotted on our way there this morning. A ginormous beetle crossing the pavement  (£1 coin for scale), sadly I think it might nave been a bit squashed.

This evening we had time for a half hour stroll through the woods behind our hotel while it was still bright and sunny

And we found a surprise lake 

We stood here for a while watching a swan family in the distance and lots of water boatmen on the lake surface.

#30DaysWild Day 9 – In the Garden

As I mowed the lawn this evening I was mulling over leaving some grass long  for insects. And then I looked more closely at the lawn,  at the front it’s about 70% moss anyway (with added daisies, clover and buttercups) so biodiversity has already won out there!

And look what else I have, an uncultivated strip of sticky willy, nettles and thistles. I bet it’s full of insects and we’ve twice seen a hedgehog around there, so even although I suspect the neighbours disapprove this wee wild strip stays.