#30DaysWild Day 25 – In the Park in the Rain

We’ve been busy about the house and garden all weekend and late this afternoon felt the need to get out for a few minutes, luckily we live near a park that’s also a local nature reserve.

We’d only been walking for 5 minures when a really heavy rain shower came on so we took shelter under a tree for a while 

It’s all looking very lush and green on the paths connecting the various sections of the park

Love the sound of the burn (and the sun came out)

Although Mr Lmrlib had seen a kestrel over the park earlier today all we saw on this walk was a squirrel and a warbler on a telephone wire.

#30DaysWild Day 16 – Grantchester

After two lovely days exploring Cambridge we decided that we needed to escape the crowds and explore the wider area. On the advice of a local we decided to walk along the River Cam to Grantchester (thanks Celine, it was lovely).

We had spent the morning at the Polar Museum so our walk started at The Fen Causeway and then down to Sheep’s Green and Lammas Land where we joined the path along the Cam. First through woods, them some houses and onto Grantchester Meadows

Despite families picknicking and students cycling past we did spot some wildlife

On reaching Grantchester we headed for the Orchard Tea Garden for tea and cake under the trees, delicious.


Mr Lmrlib had spotted something intriguing on the Ordnance Survey map, a travelling telescope, so of course we had to continue our walk to find out what it is. I’m not really any the wiser except it’s something to do with the university and involves big dishes!


I did enjoy walking through the fields though, lots of wildflowers and butterflies

On our return journey it was good to see others out enjoying the river

#30DaysWild Day 11 – In The Woods

First of all the missing day 10 – well it included 1 bus, 3 trains and 2 taxis! And you’ve guessed, a day with that much travelling has no time for wildlife.

Day 11 has been spent visiting Mr Lmrlib’s mum and taking her out for lunch and look what we spotted on our way there this morning. A ginormous beetle crossing the pavement  (£1 coin for scale), sadly I think it might nave been a bit squashed.

This evening we had time for a half hour stroll through the woods behind our hotel while it was still bright and sunny

And we found a surprise lake 

We stood here for a while watching a swan family in the distance and lots of water boatmen on the lake surface.

#30DaysWild Day 7 – After the Rain

What happened to Day 6? Well 83mm of rain in 36 hours (eg the heavy rain didn’t stop all day) and a long day at work meant Day 6 was a write off for random acts of wildness.

On Day 7 the sun was out by the time I left for work so I got off the bus early and set off across The Meadows.

I stopped to look and see what’s flowering in the wild part of the park, lots of buttercups today

The sunshine through the trees made a lovely dappled effect on the path

Look at the reflections on these puddles

I love walking through this tunnel of trees

This lochan wasn’t here yesterday

#30DaysWild Day 2 – wild plants in the city 

I try to have a short walk every lunchtime to destress from the morning at work and reinvigorate ready for the afternoon.  I usually just stomp around the streets thinking about whatever needs thought about that day, often work related. 

However today I made an effort to look for wild plants as I walked around the West End of Edinburgh.  I mainly saw the usual “weeds”, particularly a lot of dandelions and then I started to look down into basements and spotted these lovely bright flowers –

Are these part of the buttercup family? 

Edit: I am told these are poppies as I first suggested, I shouldn’t listen to Mr LMRLIB 😂

Whitby and the North York Moors – part 2

Walk 2 – Levisham and the Hole of Horcum
We don’t have a car so plan our walks around public transport, in this case we chose to use the North York Moors Railway to get to the start of our walk, combining a fun trip on a steam train with our walk.

We took the steam train from Whitby to Levisham

From Levisham station it was a short, steep climb up onto the moor and then a nice easy walk across the moorland, there were lots of birds to spot (wheatear,  skylark,  windchat and curlew) and passed an Iron Age dyke

The moorland part of the walk took us to the rim of the Hole of Horcum. There are good views from here over to Fylingdale and into the Hole.

The next stage of the walk is down into the Hole of Horcum and through the valley

we then climbed back up onto the moor and eventually rejoined the path down to Levisham station where we watched a train going in the other direction as we waited for our own steam train back to Whitby

Walk 3 – Roseberry Topping
For this walk we took the Northern Rail train service to Kildale. From the station we walked through the hamlet and then uphill through a farm where we met a very friendly sheep and her lamb

we then got onto the Cleveland Way, going uphill through woodland to the Captain Cook monument

After a lunch stop at the monument we headed down the other side of the hill still keeping on the Cleveland Way, this took us right down to the car park and then back up onto the moor. An easy walk across the moor took us to the descent towards Roseberry Topping

Thankfully it’s a fairly short climb back up the other side to get to the top. It was a bit hazy so so my photos from the top were’t great, you’ll need to take my word that the views are good.

We took a different route down, heading towards Great Ayton for the train back to Whitby.


And this is where the day very nearly ended badly! We diverted slightly from our planned route and ended up in the most beautiful bluebell filled wood, the scent was glorious and we dawdled too long taking photos

The detour and the dawdling meant that we were very late for our train and must have made an amusing sight running through the village in full hiking gear, walking poles, cameras and all. Thank goodness for the young men who pulled over and gave us a lift, we made the last train back to Whitby by 2 minutes.

A great last day (with timekeeping and map reading lessons for me for our next walk!)