#30DaysWild Day 27 – Reducing Plastic Waste

There’s been so much in the news recently about pollution from plastic waste that I’ve started to look at ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic we buy in product packaging.

To get started I’ve recently had a delivery of some cleaning products from Splosh as this company provides refills for products like washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and fabric softener so there should be no more waste bottles from these things. I just washed today’s dishes with the new washing up liquid, it’s a bit runny and didn’t bubble up much but the dishes seem clean so that’s all that really matters.

Next I plan to try solid shampoo and switch to soap instead of shower gel, I have a stash of both of these to finish first though.

In cleaning products and toiletries I am also trying to avoid palm oil, lots of label reading needed to buy the right product!

Food packaging is proving more troublesome, we only have access to supermarkets where we live and everything seems to be sold in plastic trays. Any tips on more environmentally friendly shopping from supermarkets welcome.


#30DaysWild Day 18 – Not Mowing the Lawn

I will catch up with the missing days when I  get a chance to retrieve my photos from my camera, being away from home all week has meant no access to the laptop.

Today has mainly been spent in the garden,  it’s amazing how much things have grown while I was away. Of course this includes the grass and the daisies, buttercups and clover in it. I really liked seeing the cheerful buttercups in the sunshine this morning so decided not to mow all the grass. I did mow the patch of grass I share with a neighbour and the back lawn so I can get to the washing line but I left the other lawn except for tidying the edges. 

It’s still really quite short so I’ll be intrigued to see how it develops, there is a lot of moss in there too so I wonder how that will affect what happens next. Also hoping the clover will flower for the bees.  

#30DaysWild Day 11 – In The Woods

First of all the missing day 10 – well it included 1 bus, 3 trains and 2 taxis! And you’ve guessed, a day with that much travelling has no time for wildlife.

Day 11 has been spent visiting Mr Lmrlib’s mum and taking her out for lunch and look what we spotted on our way there this morning. A ginormous beetle crossing the pavement  (£1 coin for scale), sadly I think it might nave been a bit squashed.

This evening we had time for a half hour stroll through the woods behind our hotel while it was still bright and sunny

And we found a surprise lake 

We stood here for a while watching a swan family in the distance and lots of water boatmen on the lake surface.

#30DaysWild Day 9 – In the Garden

As I mowed the lawn this evening I was mulling over leaving some grass long  for insects. And then I looked more closely at the lawn,  at the front it’s about 70% moss anyway (with added daisies, clover and buttercups) so biodiversity has already won out there!

And look what else I have, an uncultivated strip of sticky willy, nettles and thistles. I bet it’s full of insects and we’ve twice seen a hedgehog around there, so even although I suspect the neighbours disapprove this wee wild strip stays.

#30DaysWild Day 7 – After the Rain

What happened to Day 6? Well 83mm of rain in 36 hours (eg the heavy rain didn’t stop all day) and a long day at work meant Day 6 was a write off for random acts of wildness.

On Day 7 the sun was out by the time I left for work so I got off the bus early and set off across The Meadows.

I stopped to look and see what’s flowering in the wild part of the park, lots of buttercups today

The sunshine through the trees made a lovely dappled effect on the path

Look at the reflections on these puddles

I love walking through this tunnel of trees

This lochan wasn’t here yesterday

#30DaysWild Days 4 and 5 – rosemary and rain

On day 4 (Sunday) I was at a family wedding anniversary celebration, this took up the whole day with no time for any random act of wildness – unless you count running around a beer garden trying to stop my 16 month old niece falling down the banking into a bush! 

So a wee cheat for day 4. In the spring I tidied up the rosemary bush, having noticed last year that the bees love the rosemary flowers I decided to try to make some new plants. Two of the cuttings have developed roots so here they are potted up this weekend.

Day 5 (Monday) has been a busy long and busy day at work with no time for a lunchtime walk. To get my dose of the outdoors for today, after work I walked the first part of my journey home through The Meadows. Good to get some air and exercise despite the heavy rain, and I do love the smell of petrichor