CPD23 2012 Thing 4 – Current Awareness revisited again


After several attempts I managed to get into Storify, not a great start that it was “overloaded” so often.  However once I got the site up it was very easy to create an account with Twitter, and just as easy to create a story.

[View the story “lmrlib on Twitter” on Storify]

Apologies that WordPress is refusing to embed anything for me today so a link to the story os the best I can do.

So Storify works and it’s easy to use, I am just not sure what I could use it for!


CPD23 2012 Thing 4 – Current Awareness revisited

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If anything since 2011 I have become an even heavier user of Twitter than I was then!

I still have two accounts and although some people follow both I use them for very different purposes.  My first account is a protected account and mainly I use it for fun and for information in non-work related areas.  This is usually the account I tweet from in the evening or at the weekend.  This account is protected as it’s more personal so I want to chose who can see it. I don’t want companies following it and I am wary of work colleagues seeing it (not because I am talking about them, just because it’s my private life!).

I also tweet as @lmrlib from an open account; I consider this account to be my professional account and I generally only tweet from here during the working day.  This is an open account as I do want people to read it, it’s part of my online brand.  I follow librarians, legal publishers, law societies and anyone else that tweets information relevant to someone working as a librarian for a commercial law firm in the UK.  The tweets I send from this account also follow this and I try hard to make sure anything I tweet from here reflects well on me professionally and also on the firm I work for.  This is the account I will use if I join in #UKLibchat etc.  I am quite excited to see that my account made the CPD23 list for special libraries!

To make using Twitter easier, especially managing more than one account, I have found various apps to be very useful.  I use Tweetdeck on my laptop at home as it allows me to set up columns for each account and also for the lists I have created within each account.  After a couple of incidents  where I accidentally tweeted from the wrong account on my phone I set up a second app, one for each account to avoid any further incidents of inappropriate tweeting!  I particularly like using twicca on my phone as it allows me to colour code people so I can really quickly check my twitter stream to see if they have tweeted recently. At work I am only accessing my professional account so I am quite happy just to use the web version, or of course to tweet a news story from the website I found it on which is a very quick way to share something.


As I said in my Thing 2 post I use Google Reader to follow RSS feeds, mainly I follow blogs.  I do also have a couple of bookshop feeds set up as well so I don’t miss new editions of textbooks.

In 2011 I mentioned using RSS feeds to distribute information to the lawyers at work, this project has only really got started in the last few weeks.  We will be using the Linex Smart Alerts product and I am at the stage of creating the alerts, RSS feeds are used to get the information into Smart Alerts and then out again onto our intranet.  Using RSS feeds in this way should allow us to dramatically extend the coverage of our current awareness service by automating much of the process of finding and distributing the information.


I’m not sure if it’s down today or it’s the strict firewall at work but I can’t access this at the moment so I’ll try it at home this evening

CPD23 2011 Thing 4 – current awareness

Here is what I had to say about current awareness in 2011 –

I start this post with an apology that I have devoted no time at all to Thing 4 except the few minutes to write this.

I am already a heavy user of Twitter with two accounts. You will see tweets from my more professionally based account (@lmrlib) attached to this blog. I also tweet (mainly nonsense) from a protected account which I am sure some of you may also (be silly enough to) follow. I find Twitter an invaluable source of information of all sorts, for example the weather in Edinburgh is horrendous this afternoon so I am keeping an eye on tweets from @onlothianbuses to find out about bus diversions caused by flooding. It’s a great way to network, I am now in contact with a wider group of information professionals than I could ever have been through real life networking. It’s also a bit addictive!

As the person in charge of current awareness for the firm I spend a lot of time finding relevant RSS feeds and distributing them to the lawyers via the intranet and our current awareness bulletin. This is something which will only increase with time as I aim to automate more of the process. For my own personal current awareness I have set up RSS feeds via Google Reader from a variety of sources including BIALL, The Lawyer, On Firmer Ground and several of the blogs of people involved in CPD23.

I haven’t tried this, I am unable to access it at work and have been just too busy to try it at home. To be honest at the moment I can’t find much to attract me to it from the description but if someone can persuade me otherwise I will give it a go when I have more time.

I never did give Pushnote a try and I still can’t access it at work, maybe I’ll take a look when I get home this evening