What I read in 2017

What I read was an awful lot of books, 134 of them!

See my Goodreads 2017 shelf to see the full list.

My secrets for reading so many books –

  1. reading on my bus journeys to and from work, even if I walk part way I can still read for 15 to 20 minutes each way
  2. reading in my lunch break if I have enough time
  3. read when relaxing on holiday
  4. wind down after the day by reading for a few minutes before bed
  5. choose long series of books with characters that I like so that I get gripped and read book after book as quickly as I can
  6. download books from the public library so reading doesn’t become prohibitively expensive and my house doesn’t become overstuffed with paper books.

For 2018 I need to read some of the backlog of books in the house, I’ll have to give the series of crime books a rest to manage that though.


#30DaysWild Conclusion – Back in the Garden

Yes, it’s July and I missed my random acts of wildness for the last few days in June, wet days at work made it hard to finish of.

Today I’ve been in the garden (and yes it did rain again), I’ve cut the grass and the difference between the mown section and the rest is starting to show. I’ve also got both bug houses up properly and I’ve removed the block in the fence I put in to stop the neighbour’s cat from using my lawn as a toilet so that’s a second hedgehog hole.

I still need to find suitable dishes for hedgehog food and water and in the autumn I plan to try to sow some wildflower seeds for next year.

#30DaysWild Day 26 

This evening I took a slightly different route home from work, I spotted this cheeky seagull making the most of waste food in a rather overfull bin, it’s a disgusting mess but at least the seagull is happy 

I am also pleased to see some lovely trees planted at the newly refurbished Bristo Square, looking forward to seeing it finished sometime soon

#30DaysWild Days 19 and 20 – Back to Work

Day 19 – Back to Work

First day back to work and trapped inside for hours on a beautiful sunny day. However I made sure I got plenty of outside time as well, Fitbit says I walked 12500 steps.

Day 20 – Hedgehogs

I’ve just finished watching a show on TV about hedgehogs. I know we have hedgehogs here, I’ve seen one in the garden as as Mr Lmrlib but thanks to the show I have some plans to make the garden more hedgehog friendly, with another hedgehog hole in the fence, dry cat or dog food and some water in hot weather, jobs for next weekend.

#30DaysWild Day 17 – lunch in the garden

On Saturday we headed home from Cambridge to Edinburgh, a hot day for a long train journey.

Thankfully we had planned to break our journey in Welwyn Garden City to have lunch with friends.  As the weather was so lovely we had our drinks (elderflower cordial made from foraged elderflower) under an apple tree in the garden. Lunch was served in a shady spot in the garden. Lovely

Reading Challenges

As a child I was a voracious reader, I’d go to the public library as often as my parents would take me. I read right through the junior section and then the librarian allowed me into the stockroom! I also helped out in the school library as a teenager so even more books to read. Fast forward to 2012 and I hardly read any books at all, frittering away far too much time on the internet.

So in 2013 I set up a Goodreads account and challenged myself to read 50 books that year, I succeeded and read 57 books in 2013. I have carried on using Goodreads and have found it useful to keep challenging myself, fast forward again to 2016 and I read 112 books!

For 2017 I have decided not to challenge myself to read a specific number of books but instead to read more non-fiction, in particular to read some of the many, many books in the to read pile in the house. And yes if you glance at my 2017 shelf it only has fiction in it, but I did have to read my Christmas books first and I am more than half way through Paul Mason’s Postcapitalism with more non-fiction lined up to follow it.

I also find using an app useful for book recommendations, I usually ignore the ones thrown up by the algorithms but I do pay attention to what my friends are reading and giving good reviews to. I also make use of the To Read shelf to list books I want to read and I try to focus on finding these in the library or bookshop. This is only partially successful of course, I usually just end up finding more interesting look books to add to the list!

I definitely have my reading habit back!