#30DaysWild Day 27 – Reducing Plastic Waste

There’s been so much in the news recently about pollution from plastic waste that I’ve started to look at ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic we buy in product packaging.

To get started I’ve recently had a delivery of some cleaning products from Splosh as this company provides refills for products like washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and fabric softener so there should be no more waste bottles from these things. I just washed today’s dishes with the new washing up liquid, it’s a bit runny and didn’t bubble up much but the dishes seem clean so that’s all that really matters.

Next I plan to try solid shampoo and switch to soap instead of shower gel, I have a stash of both of these to finish first though.

In cleaning products and toiletries I am also trying to avoid palm oil, lots of label reading needed to buy the right product!

Food packaging is proving more troublesome, we only have access to supermarkets where we live and everything seems to be sold in plastic trays. Any tips on more environmentally friendly shopping from supermarkets welcome.


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