#30DaysWild Day 27 – Reducing Plastic Waste

There’s been so much in the news recently about pollution from plastic waste that I’ve started to look at ways to reduce the amount of single use plastic we buy in product packaging.

To get started I’ve recently had a delivery of some cleaning products from Splosh as this company provides refills for products like washing up liquid, toilet cleaner and fabric softener so there should be no more waste bottles from these things. I just washed today’s dishes with the new washing up liquid, it’s a bit runny and didn’t bubble up much but the dishes seem clean so that’s all that really matters.

Next I plan to try solid shampoo and switch to soap instead of shower gel, I have a stash of both of these to finish first though.

In cleaning products and toiletries I am also trying to avoid palm oil, lots of label reading needed to buy the right product!

Food packaging is proving more troublesome, we only have access to supermarkets where we live and everything seems to be sold in plastic trays. Any tips on more environmentally friendly shopping from supermarkets welcome.


#30DaysWild Day 26 

This evening I took a slightly different route home from work, I spotted this cheeky seagull making the most of waste food in a rather overfull bin, it’s a disgusting mess but at least the seagull is happy 

I am also pleased to see some lovely trees planted at the newly refurbished Bristo Square, looking forward to seeing it finished sometime soon

#30DaysWild Day 25 – In the Park in the Rain

We’ve been busy about the house and garden all weekend and late this afternoon felt the need to get out for a few minutes, luckily we live near a park that’s also a local nature reserve.

We’d only been walking for 5 minures when a really heavy rain shower came on so we took shelter under a tree for a while 

It’s all looking very lush and green on the paths connecting the various sections of the park

Love the sound of the burn (and the sun came out)

Although Mr Lmrlib had seen a kestrel over the park earlier today all we saw on this walk was a squirrel and a warbler on a telephone wire.

#30DaysWild Days 22 and 23 – Wildlife in the Garden

Day 22

It’s two weeks since I put a bug house in my garden so I thought I’d have a look and see if any insects had taken up residence, well as it’s covered in spider web at least one insect has shown interest!

Day 23

This morning while I was eating breakfast “our” squirrel paid a visit. Normally he just scalpers along the fence but today he obligingly sat on a fence post sheltering from the gusty wind.

I’ve also seen hedgehogs, rabbits and foxes in the garden, if only one would pose as nicely for a photo as the squirrel before 30 Days Wild is over for 2017.

#30DaysWild Days 19 and 20 – Back to Work

Day 19 – Back to Work

First day back to work and trapped inside for hours on a beautiful sunny day. However I made sure I got plenty of outside time as well, Fitbit says I walked 12500 steps.

Day 20 – Hedgehogs

I’ve just finished watching a show on TV about hedgehogs. I know we have hedgehogs here, I’ve seen one in the garden as as Mr Lmrlib but thanks to the show I have some plans to make the garden more hedgehog friendly, with another hedgehog hole in the fence, dry cat or dog food and some water in hot weather, jobs for next weekend.

#30DaysWild Day 17 – lunch in the garden

On Saturday we headed home from Cambridge to Edinburgh, a hot day for a long train journey.

Thankfully we had planned to break our journey in Welwyn Garden City to have lunch with friends.  As the weather was so lovely we had our drinks (elderflower cordial made from foraged elderflower) under an apple tree in the garden. Lunch was served in a shady spot in the garden. Lovely