Newcastle (and South Shields and Gateshead)

For the end of May bank holiday weekend we treated ourselves to a long weekend in Newcastle. This was my first proper test of the new camera and I loved using it!

Arbeia Roman Fort, South Shields

2330Tynemouth from South Shields

2371Souter Lighthouse

2395Kittiwakes on the Baltic Art Gallery

The Angel of the North


30 Days Wild Update

It’s day 22 of 30 Days Wild and I admit it’s getting harder to do a random act of wildness every day. I completely failed yesterday and today to do anything other than my normal walks through The Meadows!

In a normal month we usually get out into the countryside and go for walks at the weekend if the weather is OK but this June we’ve had a weekend decorating in Glasgow, a weekend of being ill and several days in London, plus of course being at work. All this time away from home, stuck indoors and in cites has made it more difficult.

Even the local wildlife is hiding, normally we have squirrels in the garden everyday and a neighbouring house has bats in it, I’ve also seen rabbits, foxes and a hedgehog in the garden. This month I’ve seen a squirrel once and nothing else! I think I need to get a squirrel or bird feeder as one of my last acts of wildness.

See @lmrlib on twitter for what I have done so far for 30 Days Wild.


Due to a heavy cold which has dragged on and on (10 days so far) I haven’t been able to do very much towards 30 Days Wild, for today I am sharing a few photos.

I recently fell heir to a “proper” camera with a decent zoom, it languished in the cupboard for a few months but with recent good weather I’ve taken it out a couple of times. I’m posting a few fairly rubbish photos here in the hope that as I improve I can show that with some much better photos.

2265A deer at Aberlady, this was about the 3rd photo I took with this camera, and yes it’s pretty rubbish!

2287A chaffinch near the East Lothian coast, a better photo but I still hadn’t found the digital zoom!

2361Shags on a rock stack off the coast near South Shields. At last I’d found the digital zoom and the nature setting on the camera.

Now I need to work on framing the photo and holding the camera still. Hopefully I might have some progress to show after our trip to the Highlands next month.

30 Days Wild

This June the Wildlife Trusts are running a 30 Days Wild campaign, I have signed up to try to do a random act of wildness every day this month!

Today is day 1 and since all the wildlife in the garden choose to hide from me I have spent some time fiddling with this blog to give me some space to share photos of the countryside. Stay tuned to see these soon