The public library

This evening I thought I would pop into the public library on the way home from work, it never occurred to me it would be closed! I know that it’s closed on Thursday and Friday evenings but today is Tuesday and I hadn’t noticed that is only open on Monday and Wednesday evenings (and closed all day on Thursday). With weekend opening restricted to Saturday morning there are not many opportunities for someone who works full time to visit the branch. I really want to support public libraries (and my local branch library) by using them to borrow books but the Council is certainly not making it easy for me.

When I worked in the public libraries in the early 1990s we were open until 8.30pm EVERY weekday evening (after a 9am start) and until 2pm on a Saturday, 2015’s opening hours are a huge drop in hours. I really hope that the inevitable drop in usage figures is not used as justification for dropping the opening hours further or even for branch closures.