An anniversary announcement

Last month, June 2015, was my 20th anniversary of working in law libraries. In June 1995 I started my first post library school job working in the library at the Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow, from there I quickly moved on to the Faculty of Advocates to be a reader services library assistant. Since 1998 I’ve been in a variety of roles in two law firms, I’ve been at my current firm for nearly 12 years.

I don’t intend to blog on how things have changed in the last 20 years, others have already done this (see the posts on the Renaissance Utterances blog and Instead to celebrate this anniversary I am attempting CILIP Fellowship. CILIP describes Fellowship as –

“Fellowship is the pinnacle of professional recognition; a celebration of leadership and of significant contribution to the information professions.”

So why am I attempting this –

  • I’ve been a CILIP member since I joined as a student in 1993 and at times have felt that their perceived bias towards public and academic libraries is the case. A way to show CILIP that corporate sector librarians are just as good is to achieve their top qualification.
  • As a mid-career librarian Fellowship is the next natural step, it’s a long time since I Chartered and although I have revalidated my Chartership since I feel that the structure of Fellowship will be a good way to move forward personally and to make a difference to my organisation.
  • Peer pressure! A group of librarians I am friendly with are also attempting Fellowship and I can’t help but feel that if they can do it so can (and should) I!

And now that I’ve made such a public statement on attempting Fellowship I had better get started. Watch this space for thoughts as I move through the process.