CPD23 2012 Thing 3 revisited – Personal Branding

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Since I posted about this last year (see previous post) I have done a bit of work on tidying up my online brand. In particular I have created a bit more of a divide between personal and professional.

I started with the decision to make Facebook for personal use only and I have unfriended most of my colleagues so now only my family and friends can see my holiday photos!

I already had two Twitter accounts, one for personal use and one for professional use.  I haven’t done much more with the professional account except to be a bit more careful with tone and content of what I post.

The biggest change since last year is the creation of this blog.  I have styled it to match my professional twitter account, they have the same background and link to each other.  I still maintain my previous blog but it’s entirely for personal use.

I beefed up my LinkedIn profile a little, though some further work on this wouldn’t go amiss especially as we are being strongly encouraged at work to use LinkedIn more.  I link to my professional Twitter account and this blog from LinkedIn so things are all a bit more tied together now.

As suggested I searched for myself on the internet; I have a very common name so searching just that didn’t find me in the first few results pages, however adding librarian or library and bingo, my LinkedIn profile is number one hit and number two is to a mention on the CILIP website.

Last year my intention was to take the lessons learnt in this exercise into real life, this is much more difficult to do and I am only making slow progress. I think crazy, angry librarian from 2011 has made far fewer appearances so that’s a good start!


CPD23 2011 Thing 3 – Personal Branding

Thing 3 is about personal branding, this is what I had to say on the subject in 2011 –

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This is the “thing” I feel I need to work on most, I am really bad at it.

Online I have too many, very different identities; for a start this blog doesn’t know whether it is personal or professional! Then there is LinkedIn which is definitely professional and at the other extreme Facebook where I have deliberately decided not to say where I work but I have many colleagues and ex-colleagues as friends; is it OK for them to see the drunk photos? On Twitter I have two accounts, one is personal and the other which also feeds through to LinkedIn more professional. But again I have got muddled and some followers follow both accounts. Also I sometimes tweet to the wrong account leading to a scramble to delete tweets and LinkedIn updates.

My aim is to tidy the above up and create something more coherent for a professional brand. This may include some name and avatar changes and a change of style on this blog. In the process I may have to cull some Twitter followers (or encourage them to move accounts) and Facebook friends. Though I am still now sure how successful splitting the personal and professional can be?

And perhaps even more important I need to take the lessons and decisions from this task into my real professional life and stamp my brand on what I do in the office. I have been reading Susie Kay’s book, “The ABC of Professionalism”, there are many ideas to take from it into this task. A professional of her definition would not have allowed a situation to get quite as heated in the office as I did this morning. Crazy, angry librarian is not the brand I want!

For me this is a really challenging “thing” and I suspect that the decisions may take me more than just this week, so watch out for a Thing 3 part 2 post sometime in the future. I look forward to reading how others have managed to solve these problems.

Note: I never did come back to this and write part 2!

Is KM stopping lawyers thinking for themselves?

I originally posted this back in July 2011 on the blog which has now become my personal blog

This was the subject of a very interesting KM networking event I attended yesterday evening. The topic was inspired by the recent books and news stories on how the internet is changing the way peoples’ brains work, and it certainly generated a lot of discussion.

Some issues raised which particularly interested me were –

  • the difficulties that junior lawyers sometimes have following a logical argument, this stemming partly from internet use where they flit from hyperlink to hyperlink whereas in the past they would construct a logical search strategy before working their way through the relevant library books to the answer;
  • the desire for quick answers whether they are the best answers or not;
  • a tendency to accept whatever the website being consulted says without using critical legal thinking to check the facts or add to them;
  • F-pattern reading – I have been testing this on myself today and yes I do read more of what is on the left of the screen than the right side!;
  • Over reliance on Westlaw, LexisLibrary and PLC over legal textbooks (OK this one wasn’t news to me!)

I was intrigued enough by the subject matter to buy Future Minds: How The Digital Age is Changing Our Minds, Why This Matters and What We Can Do About It for my Kindle and I look forward to reading it.

It is evident that there is a need for us to continue to address information literacy issues in our legal research training, and that we should offer this training more regularly and to a wider range of fee-earners. Now to find more time in everyone’s already busy days for the training …

CPD23 2012 – Thing 2 revisited

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Thing 2 is to explore other blogs, this is something I do everyday, I follow a large number of blogs covering work related topics and various things I am interested in personally.

I use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs I follow, this allows me to organise the feeds by topic and then to quickly scan through the posts to pick out what is relevant and interesting.  It also means I don’t miss anything important. I’ve gone as far as to set up two Google accounts so that I can keep work and personal feeds separate and not get distracted by fun posts at work or sucked into reading work posts at the weekend.  It also helps with the information overload to keep the fun stuff separate for the weekend.

Some of my favourite library, KM, law or IT related blogs are –

Last year the main thing that I learnt from Thing 2 was to comment on a blog if I found it particularly useful or thought provoking.  I have carried on doing this and find it rewarding, sometimes a blog post can just be the catalyst for further discussion on a topic.  I’ve also found that if I take the time to interact with someone’s blog they may well return the favour and comment on my blog which has led to me guest posting on a Brazilian lingerie blog, not where I expected this to lead but why not!!

CPD23 2011 – Thing 2

Thing 2 is explore other blogs, this is what I had to say in 2011 –

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For Thing 2 I have been browsing through the list of blogs belonging to the other participants. There are loads of impressive bloggers amongst us so I have my Google reader account open ready to subscribe to some.

There are so many blogs and so little time that I have used the Delicious list filtered by the helpful tags starting with law, my field and Scotland, my location.

A few that have count my eye are –

I have also dipped into a small number of other blogs, mainly drawn in by the titles, there are some inventive librarians out there!

From Thing 2 I have learnt to take the time to comment on a blog where appropriate, it may start a new discussion; and it’s just nice to give feedback when you have enjoyed a post or found it useful.

CPD23 2012

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Last year I took part in CPD23 but due to selling my flat and living with my parents while I made my new house habitable meant I had no internet access in evenings and weekends and restrictions on work IT meant I failed to complete a number of the “things”.  Slightly belatedly I noticed that CPD23 is running again so it seems like the perfect opportunity to revisit to update and fill in the blanks.  I now have internet at home and an IT upgrade at work means I have no excuses this time.

The posts from 2011 are lurking on another blog which I don’t want to link to so I’ll post them here first. Expect a flurry of CDP23 2011 and CPD23 2012 posts whilst I catch up with the programme.

Thanks to Sarahgb for the inspiration