Blogging professionally is hard!

Although I have been blogging sporadically for about 3 years on a variety of topics I still struggle with finding appropriate topics to blog about.

This blog was created when I concluded that my blog had got too confused, it was a mixture of personal and work related topics. I decided that it’s better to keep the two completely separate and so this blog was born for professional posts (I really should copy over the work posts from my original blog to bulk this one up!) and the other has become for random personal musings.

Mistakenly I thought it would be easy to blog about library related topics. After all I love libraries and have done since I can remember and I’ve worked in them since I was 18.  I spend more awake time in a library than anywhere else, so why the difficulty in finding topics?

I think there are many reasons I am having problems, it’s not the lack of ideas but often when I think of something that it would be interesting to explore further I decide it’s not appropriate to do so for a variety of reasons.

Although I don’t say on this blog where I work or what my full name is I have linked to it from my LinkedIn profile and from my page on the work intranet so some readers (do I have any?) do know who I am and where I work.  As a corporate law firm librarian I must respect the confidentiality of our clients so that makes blogging about any enquiry work we receive in the library impossible. I also need to respect the confidentiality of the firm itself so there are other topics related to work that I would never discuss publicly. And the library team is very small, just me and a part-time library assistant, this often makes blogging about the day-to-day work in the library inappropriate as it’s too easy to work out the specifics of who or what I am referring to.

A professional blog not only represents me, it could also reflect well or badly on the firm I work for.  I feel it is important to present a professional and positive face to the world.  In the present financial climate this can be difficult, it would be too easy to blog a series of moans, it’s much more challenging to write a positive and helpful post. This is something I need to think about further for future posts; I know I get useful tips from reading about how others overcame challenges so I’d like to share and help others where I am able.

So far I have found the easiest posts to write to be those following a training event or a review of something I have read.  I am attending a KM networking event next week, it looks like it will be really interesting so I am hoping that will spark off some ideas for a post.

I would be very interested to hear from other law firm librarians on their experiences of addressing these issues.